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It all began in 1961 with a family and a dream.

The Coppola Family has been a fixture in the Hudson Valley 55 years. Over half a century ago three Coppola brothers immigrated to the United States from, Naples Italy.  With only their family traditions, they set sail in the hopes of finding the American Dream.  The dream was realized when they opened their first Italian restaurant, “Coppola’s” in downtown Poughkeepsie, New York in 1961.  It was there that they introduced the Hudson Valley to their love for food by preparing authentic Southern Italian Neapolitan cuisine, as taught to them by their mother, Mama Teresa, more specific, their famous sauce.  Mama Teresa’s sauce recipe was very basic.  Using fresh garlic and garden herbs, she would sauté these ingredients in virgin olive oil till golden brown in order to extract the full flavor and aroma.The Coppola brothers introduced Mama Teresa’s sauce as well as other traditional dishes to the Hudson Valley shortly after arriving to their new homeland. Their sauce formula was based on rich flavored plum tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil and only fresh ingredients which quickly became the rage and the “heart” of Italian Cuisine in the Hudson Valley. As the Coppola Family enjoys their 60th anniversary in the food service industry in the Hudson Valley in 2021, Antonio’s sons, the Coppola Brothers, strive to be leaders in the food service industry.  With the knowledge with which 111 combined years of service brings, the Coppola Family understands the importance of long term success and experience.

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